Open Generators

Open Generators

Musgrave open generators are available in a number of different types. Export standard specification, UK standard specification, and tailored to suit.

Export specification equipment is designed to offer the customer everything they need to meet their requirements, at the best delivered price without compromising on quality. As with all Musgrave Generators products, our generators are built using UK supplied major components and every generator undergoes full function and load testing prior to despatch. The design of our export equipment is reviewed to reduce shipping sizes, and minimise the delivery costs overseas, all serviceable items are easily accessible, control systems are kept simple and modular, and engines are configured for fuel optimisation.

UK standard specification generators, incorporate all the features of the export generators described above, with the addition of double skin fuel fuel tanks, and on set spill protection to meet current UK and European environmental standards for fuel storage. Our UK standard sets also meet all current exhaust emissions requirements.

While all UK generators are configured to 50Hz, our export generators can be configured to an alternate 60Hz should this be the requirement of the destination country. Different voltages are also available, from Caribbean voltages of 110v through to high voltage applications of 13800v at 60cycles for high voltage applications.

As open generators are typically installed into engine rooms, Musgrave assist the customer with information of sizes weights, standard airflow requirements and recommendations of good practice for fuel supply systems, exhaust runs and cabling etc.

Standard generator data sheets are available upon request, and every generator is supplied with a Musgrave installation, operation & maintenance manual upon delivery.

Musgrave tailored to suit open generators offer the customer the ability to specify any specific requirements that may be required once the generator is installed and in service. These may include non standard tank capacities and automatic fuel control systems, non standard panel & circuit breaker locations, spring type anti-vibration mounts, engine room louvre controls, and signal interface panels to integrate the generator to the building/customer monitoring system.

What is an open generator?

An open set diesel generator refers to a type of diesel generator that operates in an open environment, typically outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. These generators are designed to provide power in various applications such as construction sites, remote locations, events, and emergency backup power.

The term "open set" indicates that the generator is not enclosed within a soundproof or weatherproof housing. This means that the generator's engine and other components are exposed to the environment. While open set diesel generators are generally more affordable and easier to maintain compared to enclosed generators, they may produce more noise and are less protected from weather conditions.

Open set diesel generators are available in a wide range of power capacities to meet different requirements, and they are commonly used in areas where a reliable source of electricity is needed but grid power is unavailable or unreliable.


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