Low Noise & Soundproof Generators

Low Noise & Soundproof Generators

Where space for a generator room is not available, and the requirement is for a generator which does not need an ISO style container, Musgrave manufacture sound attenuated enclosures for their generators. As with our our range of open generators, there are a number of different types of soundproof generators, standard sets suitable for export, UK standard equipment, and tailored to suit.

Our export range of acoustically treated canopy generators offer the best acoustic performance for the smallest possible footprint, minimizing on shipping costs. As standard these units incorporate fuel tanks, exhaust and control systems, along with everything else required to run and operate the generator, in a high quality secure metal enclosure.

For UK installations, our acoustic enclosures also incorporate containment for spills & leaks, and sound levels can be lowered to meet residential standards, of 75dBA @ 1m and lower. On all Musgrave canopy generators, we only use the highest quality door furniture, to ensure hinges and locks remain as reliable and secure as the day they left the factory.

Where the customer has a specific requirement which cannot be met by a standard low noise generator, Musgrave can offer bespoke canopy sets, which may include fire damper louvre's & suppression systems, ultra low noise attenuation, dust filtration and enhanced ingress protection, non standard load cable connectivity and bulk fuel supply connections.

Sound levels can also be reduced on non standard canopies to 65dBA@1m or lower to meet critical noise regulations.

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