The Musgrave installation team take care of all aspects of delivery and integration of your generator onto your site. From delivery, offload, cranage, on site positioning, through to connection of exhausts, bulk fuel systems, load cables, and interconnection of control & monitoring wiring to building management systems.

When required we can organise road closures, and work with utility companies to provide a seamless supply. In standby applications, where an existing generator is being replaced, Musgrave can supply rental sets to safeguard the customer's installation through the removal of the old generator and the installation of the new equipment.

Prior to any onsite work, Musgrave personnel perform on site surveys, and supply risk assessments & method statements (RAMS) for customer acceptance, ensuring that the customer is clear with how the work will be carried out, prior to commencement.

When contacting Musgrave for a quotation, please let your sales contact know if you would like a separate cost for installation.

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