Generator Sales

Every Musgrave generator is built in the UK using a wide range of engine and alternator combinations from the world's leading manufacturers and selected as appropriate for each particular requirement.

Making sure the generator we supply is the best solution for your application is our goal, and to ensure we meet this objective, we assess each enquiry thoroughly.

Where the customer has specific demands, including sound levels, emissions regulations, control system integration we work with the user and review the installation. In certain cases we will calculate air flows, exhaust runs and tailor our offer to suit.

Through the Musgrave sales process it is not uncommon for us to identify areas where savings can be made, without compromising on the quality of the equipment, these may include reduced running costs, or reassessment of the generator size requirement to suit load acceptance or motor starting capabilities required by the end user.

Please visit our products page for more details of the types of generator solutions Musgrave can offer.

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