Containerised Generators

Containerised Generators

For acoustically treated generators with electrical outputs of 800kVA and above, Musgrave recommend installing the generator into an ISO style container. There are several options available including 20ft, 40ft standard both variants are available at 8ft6 and 9ft6 heights. Dependent on the size and type of generator installed within the container, acoustic louvre's can be internal.

Musgrave container generators are designed and built to provide easy access for the customer without compromising on security and durability.

As our container generators are suited to remote installations where high security, and durability are key, all units are completely self contained, and where possible, fuel, control and exhaust systems are integrated into the container.

All containers are fully bunded and incorporate containment for spills & leaks. To further provide longevity on our containers, all container furniture (hinges, locks & handles) are stainless steel, and our containers are painted to marine and offshore standards. Sound levels on Musgrave container generators can be reduced to 65dBA@1m, and container units are available as both 20 and 40 foot options.

A containerised diesel generator is a diesel-powered generator set that is enclosed within a container for ease of transportation, installation, and operation.

A diesel generator is a combination of a diesel engine and an electric generator (alternator) used to generate electrical energy. Diesel generators are commonly used as backup power sources in situations where a stable power supply is crucial, such as in data centres, hospitals, or industrial facilities. The term containerised means that the entire diesel generator unit is enclosed within a container. This container serves as a protective housing, providing a controlled environment for the generator set. The container can be transported easily and installed at different locations as needed.

The benefits of containerising a diesel generator include:

Mobility: The generator can be transported easily to different sites, making it suitable for temporary power needs or emergency situations.

Security: The container provides protection against environmental factors, theft, and vandalism.

Ease of Installation: Containerised generators are designed for quick deployment, simplifying the installation process.

Scalability: Multiple containerised generators can be used together to meet higher power demands.

Containerised generator units can be designed to be plug-and-play solutions, with all necessary components integrated into the container. They may include fuel tanks, control panels, exhaust systems, and other features required for autonomous operation.

This type of setup is especially common in industries where temporary or mobile power solutions are needed, such as construction sites, events, or remote locations. Additionally, containerised generators can be an integral part of disaster recovery plans or backup power systems for critical infrastructure.

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