The Musgrave product range covers all area's of power generation, including low noise generators, open sets, marine and offshore equipment, container generators, and turnkey solutions.

All Musgrave product ranges are designed and manufactured using only British supplied engines, alternators and control systems, which are assembled and tested in our UK factory to ISO and industry standards.

Our range of control systems includes basic key start modules for export equipment through to multiple set synchronising systems for integration into building management systems. Communication and relaying of signals to customer requirements can be configured during our rigorous in house testing, and assistance can be given during commissioning to test the signals with the end user.

Musgrave Generator

Alongside our range of standard products, Musgrave also design and manufacture bespoke equipment tailored to the customers site or application. Our sales team work closely with the customer to ensure all the features they require are included.

These may include special requirements for load acceptance, seamless return to mains, specific sizes & weights for site, sound or exhaust emission standards, or just special requirements for site delivery, offload and installation.

As mentioned on our warranty page, every generator is supplied with a minimum of a 12 month worldwide warranty, which is backed and supported globally by the engine & alternator manufacturers.